“I wish that I knew all I know now, when I was younger. I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was stronger.” – from Ooh La La, The Faces (Rod Stewart’s first band)

I may not be a bitter old grandpa quite yet, but 30 seems awful old to a 22-year old fresh from college. Sit back, relax and read on, as I proceed to teach my 22 year-old self to avoid the many early, late and always great mistakes of my 20s. The wisdom is hard-earned, backed where possible by thorough research and citations.

By way of background, this is based on nearly 10 years of “real world” experience, living (and surviving) in New York through two graduate schools, a handful of jobs and a couple start-ups, getting fired, getting back on my feet, getting married, writing a novel, and everything in between. Never a dull moment has been this decade, that much is sure.

The mission of this blog is to help you navigate life after college, with all its difficult adjustments and steep learning curve, in a constructive, fulfilling and meaningful way.

Join me as I journey through my youthful indiscretions in search of structure and meaning, wisdom and fulfillment. Thanks for reading.

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