HEALTH (1/10) – Hygiene – Teeth/Gums, Hair, Skin, Hands, Cleaners/Cleansers, Conditioning, Moisturizing, Cuts/Wounds, Sun Protection, Pine Oil


Most importantly, be mindful and find products that don’t make you allergic and are good for your skin and wherever else you apply them. Natural is always better than chemical, but is free impracticable. Grin and bear it web you have to.

Take good care of yourself and your body.

Don’t be lazy and don’t be a slob. Be consistent and regular in your hygienic routine throughout the day and week.

Floss at least once daily. It’s critical for maintaining gum health.

Brush teeth thoroughly (use a soft brush head) twice a day. Electric toothbrushes are ok, as long as they don’t have too high a frequency – the effect on the brain is not proven safe, over the long-term.

Use mouthwash – 30 seconds at a time. Listerine and store brands are essentially identical in formula. “Natural” mouthwashes are just not that effective.

Be careful to use non-whitening toothpaste. The chemicals damage sensitive teeth and gums.

Wash your face twice a day with a few drops of gentle glycolic cleanser (Sephora has a very good one that’s natural and formulated for men)

Don’t abuse your skin constantly by picking it. Keep your hands to yourself. Keep away from a well-lit mirror unless truly necessary. Take good and proper care of your skin – it’s your largest organ!

Moisturize hands regularly when dry in wintertime – olive oil-based cream works well. Don’t wait for your skin to start flaking and worse. Not worth the discomfort and annoyance (and even pain).

Don’t use strong, astringent cleansers on your skin – not salicylic acid, not witch hazel, not any heavily chemical creams. They don’t work and make your skin worse.

Use vegetable-based soaps. The French make excellent ones in a variety of scents.

“Natural” deodorants don’t work well. The conventional (chemical) ones are effective, but may contain aluminum and also petroleum derivatives, which can be harmful. Not much choice in this matter, unfortunately.

Wash your hands right before bed and right who you wake up.

Wash your feet before bed.

Don’t take too many showers during the summer days – skin dries out too much this way.

Use a good beard cleanser at least once a week – not too often. Burt’s Bees makes one from peach pits that is quite good. Beard oil might be good to condition your beard if it’s beyond a certain length and hair thickness.

Olive oil is an excellent and inexpensive moisturizer – always keep a small jar around the bathroom to condition dry skin.

Wash hands regularly and thoroughly (avoiding OCD tendencies, of course). Avoid touching what goes in your mouth or utensils that touch your food before washing your hands. The most important thing is NOT to have Purell with you everywhere you go, but to be mindful of where your hands have been and what they’ve touched last. A splash of water is often better than regularly putting alcohol on your skin (Purell’s base).

When your nose gets dry – from air conditioners, dry air, tissues, etc., make sure to put on olive oil at night all around the nasal cavity. It moisturizes well and you wake up less likely to snarl from dryness and also less likely to catch a cold. Colds happen when the rhinovirus encounters little resistance in the nose from mucus or other moisture to trap it. Keep your nose moisturized!

Also keep your eyes moisturized after the daily abuse of computer/phone screens, wind, heat, lack of blinking. Simply splash cold water when needed and blink regularly. This helps prevent infections like pink eye.

**Cuts and wounds:
Always keep Neosporin, band-aids, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide in the house. Know where they are and make them easily within reach.

If bleeding, hold the limb/area with wound above the heart to help stop the bleeding.

***USE SUNSCREEN WHEN OUT IN THE STRONG SUN. DON’T LET YOURSELF BURN, YOU STUPID FOOL. Two words – Skin.Cancer. Third word: PAIN. Don’t be cavalier about it.

Get checked for allergies ASAP, so you can make sure you’re not screwing yourself with products that are harmful and uncomfortable for you.

– –

ALWAYS keep a bottle of pine oil in easy reach. Apply 2-3 drops max topically (in cases of bone or muscle aches or pains), colds/flu (on throat – wrap with wool scarf overnight, 2 drops inside each nasal cavity for runny nose).

Keep dry clay ready to mix into paste (cottage cheese consistency) for a mask in case of swelling, cystic acne, and similar types of inflammation.

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